Punctuation has been changed in paragraphs 2 to 6. The on

Punctuation has been changed in paragraphs 2 to 6. The only case that DID NOT cause any relevant change in meaning nor problem of cohesion is:
  • A. In this sense, a unitary metric for quality would seek to impose one context upon another. The idea of a ‘world-class university’ is one way in, which developmental contexts, are ignored in order to export a particular model of university function.
  • B. The existence, of these kinds of tensions, around internationalization, opens the question. When we talk about measuring the value of internationalization whose internationalisation are we talking about?
  • C. Rankings are the new currency of quality. English, the official language of science. There is a discourse of convergence that promotes the inevitability of a singular vision for university structure, function and aims.
  • D. From the rapid growth in internationalisation initiatives, over the past two decades we have seen a recent turn to questioning the ‘value’ of internationalisation projects. Universities are strapped for cash, and have to make decisions about which international projects they want to invest in, and which projects provide the most value, for institutions’ own aims and ambitions.
  • E. Internationalisation takes many forms, including co-taught courses and degrees, massive open online courses (MOOCs), collaborative research, projects and student exchanges, maintaining international. Partnerships can be costly, and many are, for various reasons, not particularly productive.
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